What's with the name: Herbal Gifts from the Father? Some Christians are concerned about using alternative medicine because of the pagan/new age beliefs that are often prevalent among natural healers. I had similar frustrations. I chose the name, Herbal Gifts from the Father, as a reminder, to myself first, that our heavenly Father has given us these gifts. They are not the gifts of a pagan mother (Earth, Nature, Gaia, etc). I chose this name to help Christians feel more comfortable using herbs without the baggage that may be keeping them from exploring the wonderful healing gifts the Father has given us in plants. Please don’t misunderstand me; I have great respect for my mentors, many of whom are not Christians and have pagan/new age beliefs. In fact, you will see many posts that come from or are inspired by my mentors. My purpose is not to slander or abuse them. I love each of them and owe them immensely. I look forward to continuing my herbal learning at the feet of my beloved teachers.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Herb Fairies is available again for 2014!!

Herb Fairies is a series of books (one released each month) which teaches about herbs through the adventures of four children in a land of fairies, trolls, elves, dwarves and magic. Each book features an herb  with remedies, uses, etc.  Included are mp3, pdf, epub and mobi (kindle) versions of the stories, learning journals, coloring pages,  recipes and a corresponding issue of Herbal Roots e-zine.  Herbal Roots is a children's e-magazine full of useful information, recipes and activities. You could use Herb Fairies and all the included extras as a curriculum to introduce children to herbs.   I would suggest going through the stories with your children if you concerned about the magical/mythical elements of the stories.  Heck, I'd encourage you to go through the stories with your children anyway  because they are full of so much great information.  If your family is interested in learning about herbs, check out Herb Fairies.

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